Yoga for Writers

Sitting at a desk all day takes its toll. It stifles creativity, causes aches and pains, and is one of the most unhealthy things you can do physically. Unfortunately writers are usually doing this.

The following poses can be done in your chair or right next to it. Click on the links for a video description of how to get into each pose.

Eagle Arms

The great thing about this pose is you can do full Eagle Pose standing right by your desk or you can stay sitting and work on your upper body. Breathe deeply in this posture and try not to arch your back or put tension in your neck. Continue reading

Why Being Pregnant Makes You Think You Are the Best Writer EVER

I have a confession to make: I am . . . with child. *gasp from the audience*

I am also a writer. *collective groan from the audience*

These two things have created a magical place in which I am the BEST WRITER IN THE UNIVERSE.

Hormones, man, hormones. They are like emotion syringes, injecting tears here, a bit of rage there. All of the emotions that can be felt, are, and not just felt, but felt to the extreme. Hormones are little American Ninja Warriors. Continue reading