Why Being Pregnant Makes You Think You Are the Best Writer EVER

I have a confession to make: I am . . . with child. *gasp from the audience*

I am also a writer. *collective groan from the audience*

These two things have created a magical place in which I am the BEST WRITER IN THE UNIVERSE.

Hormones, man, hormones. They are like emotion syringes, injecting tears here, a bit of rage there. All of the emotions that can be felt, are, and not just felt, but felt to the extreme. Hormones are little American Ninja Warriors.

Hormones+Writing=A False Sense of Security (or 3.14, but who’s really doing the math on this one?)

When I read a scene that is emotional in any way, my body punches me in the gut and makes me feel it to the depths of my hormone-encrusted soul. I truly believe I am the best writer out there. I have to constantly get perspective. It’s tough.

It’s like when I first started writing, I was all, “Golly, looky what I did! Aint it the best? And on the first try, too!”

So, some advice, if you are pregnant and writing . . . aw who am I kidding? I don’t know what to do in this situation. Just breath I guess, so you don’t die and stuff. And congrats!

3 thoughts on “Why Being Pregnant Makes You Think You Are the Best Writer EVER

  1. I was the absolute, 100% opposite. I could not get motivated to write. I read blog articles like this and hated writers that said pregnancy helped their creativity. (I was pregnant–I was really feeling it, ok?!) Thankfully, my muse returned shortly after giving birth.


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